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Discover how celebrities and busy entrepreneurs from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond are re-shaping their waistlines – without surgery.

Technoshape’s patented ‘Pressure Pause Therapy’  technology stimulates circulation as you do a gentle treadmill, elliptical or bike workout. This means focused fat-burning and visible results – fast.

Fitness trainers to the famous recommend TechnoShape for people in the limelight – and anyone who wants to look amazing, but doesn’t have time for endless workouts.

The perfect addition to your luxurious home gym.

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People typically lose 7.5cm or more from the midriff area in just 4 weeks with TechnoShape.

Visceral belly fat can make you feel sluggish or moody, even lead to diabetes and other health issues. This stubborn fat is also quite hard to shift, even with regular exercise and good nutrition.

Now TechnoShape uses science-led technology to tackle this fat and trim your tummy. You’ll feel more energetic, positive and in control.

Other people will notice, too! Look amazing for red-carpet galas, important business trips or just lunch with friends.

Try our cutting-edge technology – instead of a surgeon’s scalpel.

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