Our Mission

Regain your body shape and feel amazing

Growing up in the Austrian Alps, I was always a keen outdoorsman, skiing, cycling and mountain climbing. I studied mechanical engineering and I always loved finding new ways to make things work better.

As I built my career and worked in the field of body styling, I dreamed of combining both of my interests, to help make a positive difference in the world.

The Concept

Precision Weight Loss

I started experimenting with technology using compressed air to introduce precise alternating pressure to the midriff area. I called the concept ‘Pressure Pause Therapy’ (PPT).

During the trials, I noticed that combining PPT with gentle exercise caused a notable firming of the waistline and focused fat loss. I perfected and patented the technology and after successful trials on several individuals, TechnoShape was born.

The patented technology is now found in luxurious home gyms around the world.

Helping You Look Better

At last a solution to fighting belly fat

We know that many people have a frustrating trouble spot: the waistline. It’s not their fault – midriff fat is harder to shift.

That’s the science behind Pressure Pause Therapy. This precise alternating pressure targets fat layers around the midriff, at timed intervals based on a tailored training plan.

PPT stimulates circulation and delivers dramatic results. You’ll see a difference within weeks.


Get healthier

Excess tummy weight can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Target belly fat to improve overall health and wellbeing.


Look better

TechnoShape can help you shift that frustrating waistline weight. Most people lose 5-20cm with regular use.


Feel confident

When you strengthen your core, you stand tall and project confidence. Get more active to boost energy and mood.