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A little secret with big-name fans

The revolutionary TechnoShape can now be found in the homes of celebrities, sports personalities and executives around the world. 

You’ll also see TechnoShape in many of the world’s top hotels, exclusive health clubs, luxury spas and beauty studios.

Fitness trainers to the famous recommend TechnoShape for a flatter stomach and slimmer waist. Our non-invasive technology is proven to reduce belly fat within six weeks – perfect when you need quick results for any event where you’re in the public eye.

Discover why many of the world’s most-seen faces (and bodies) rely on TechnoShape for their red-carpet moments.

It’s the perfect addition to your luxurious home gym.

Elite Fitness

Make your home gym a luxury body studio

Busy people in the public eye need to make the most of every workout. TechnoShape fits sleekly next to your treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer and boosts results. Find out why Simon Cowell, Rio Ferdinand, Alia Bhatt and many more are feeling the positive impact of body shaping. 

Once you experience the results – and the positive comments from friends and family – you won’t want to exercise without TechnoShape.

Enjoy meals and live life to the full – yet still fit into your wardrobe.

Learn why TechnoShape is becoming the world’s favourite workout partner.

Our Clientele


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I’m a management consultant, so most of my work is at a desk. Gym training took a lot of time, but after just 12 sessions of Technoshape, I’ve lost 1.5kg and 4.4 inches.
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With my busy work schedule, I never had time to spend hours at the gym. With TechnoShape, my body transformed after 12 sessions. I lost 11cm from my waist in 3 weeks!
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With my wedding coming up, I needed to lose weight and fit into my tuxedo. With six weeks of TechnoShape and a proper diet, I lost 7kgs. My clothes fit better, and I feel much more confident.
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I was walking and watching my diet, but nothing was happening. Then I gave TechnoShape a try, and I’m so glad. I lost 29.8 cm, about 12 inches – and 3 dress sizes! I am so happy, and I feel so good knowing I look better.